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Shirt, 2018, oil paint, Plextol, pigment, aluminium foil, glue, pins, digital prints, 110 x 59cm

Phil Frankland, 'Park', 2018.jpg

Park, 2018, oil paint and pigment on aluminium panel with aluminium frame, 79 x 55 cm

Dent in a Two, 2018, oil paint, gloss paint, pencil, air-dry clay, aluminium, glue and string on aluminium panel, 108 x 64 cm


Untitled, 2018, oil paint, Plextol, pigment and gloss paint on aluminium foil, 120 x 90 cm

White Banana, 2016, oil paint, gloss, air-dry clay, galvanised steel wire, photocopies, pins, 230 x 165 cm

Exhibition View, M I L K at Sluice Art Fair, Jake Kent and Phil Frankland duo show, London, 2017
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